You don’t need a website

Very often we hear from entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium-sized businesses: “Hello, we need a website” or “we need a new website” and even worse: “we need a web design” … And we always answer “No, you don’t need a website” , and obv you do not need a new design, the reason is that the website is only a tool to approach your goals, but not the goal itself. So, but what is the goal?

The goals can be different, most often the main goal is to use the Internet to attract new customers, sometimes help your managers work with current ones. Perhaps it will help you set up automatic interaction with counterparties and partners. This is what you really need, this is what we need to talk about. These are the goals you should set for your digital agency.

And it may turn out that to solve some of the above tasks, the website is not particularly needed. For some tasks, a website is needed, but not enough to spend a large part of your budget on it.

You understand our point of view, you want to achieve really big goals for your business. You need more clients, more business, you want to expand and grow. Great!

We are ready to make your website for free!

It’s a not a big deal because the website is just a tool. We are confident in our skills, so we can afford to sell not the process but the result.

Do you want to know if we can make your website for free? Or do you just want to ask how we can help grow your business? Contact us, let’s discuss it.